Sunday, September 11, 2016

Frostgrave at Open Gaming

Skirmish Saturday! Scheduled to play a game of Frostgrave at my local gamestore (Pegasus Games!) during their "Open Boardgaming" time on Saturday. Figured the folks there would be more conducive to having miniature gamers crash a bit of their rec-room than the Magic players were last time (Magic plays Friday). I also finished painting my Ravingspire-themed warband and a few pieces of frostgrave terrain and was really jazzed to play in the Frozen City! So I gathered up all the frosty and stone terrain I'd been making over the last couple weeks and toted on over.
The remnants of the Frozen city, in all its aquarium-terrain and foamcore-ruins splendor.

We built and painted new warbands for this game, since we now had a chance to thoroughly read the rules. I made an Enchanter warband, with an Apprentice, two Infantrymen, two Archers, a Thief and a Treasure Hunter. [Spells: Animate Construct, Telekinesis, Enchant Weapon, Leap, Animate Zombie, Furious Quill, Fog, Elemental Hammer]

Mike made an Elementalist Wizard's warband. Four thugs, one thief, two archers, and a Ranger. (I don't remember his spell list, but it fair amount of ranged attack spells).

We garnered a fair amount of interest from the boardgamers in the place, much more than the magic players from a couple weeks before. Had a number of chats with onlookers and hopefully will get some more folks interested in playing Frostgrave in the near future!

As always with miniature wargaming, I took a lot of pictures during the first half of the game, but as things got fierce my camera awareness fell way to focusing my mind on needed tactical pressures. So I don't have a play-by-play battle report, but I've got a fair bit of miniature eye candy to show off. So I'll just throw them down below for an easy scroll-through.

Ravingspire's Reavers, ready for action!
Mike's Mercenaries, looking for loot.
Two warbands creep into the thawing ruins looking for recently-unearthed treasures.

Treasure beyond measure!
Archers climb to high vantage points.
Plenty of lanes of fire from up high.

Hired mercenaries move forward in a controlled regiment.
Aurora the Apprentice, Quinn the Treasure Hunter and Darius the Rogue skirt around the side of the ruins as a small strike team.
The mercs control the middle ground.
The Reavers leapfrog forward in small teams.

The Crimson Reaver and the Marcus's Malignant Automation move toward exposed treasure.
The mercs send a man forward to grab treasure while the archers keep watch.
Garsim guards Marcus the Mage while the Crimson Reaver snags a treasure from the skull pile.
Aurora casts Fog to obscure her teammates from the Mercs' punishing arrows.

The wall of "Fog" hides Marcus from the archers' view.
Darius finds treasure in a few pots behind the tower.
Wandering Monster spawn! Ghouls from the haunted ruins wander onto the board!
A merc thief moves through the shadows toward some treasure.
Second Wandering Monster spawn! A wandering Grumpkin and his pet giant rat hear the commotion and move onto the board from another board edge.
A defensive line is formed by the mercs. Ghouls on one side, enemy warband on the other, giant rats on the flank.
Crimson Reaver carries treasure out while Florence the Archer climbs down to watch her back.
The strike team splits up, Darius grabs treasure while Aurora casts a Leap spell to send Quinn into striking distance of the treasure-carrying enemy thief.
The Wizard's Automaton dutifully carries the treasure out of the ruins while absorbing arrow fire from the mercs.
A mighty spellcaster always leads his warband from the front!
The Well of Souls, both Wizards were able to get a drink from it (for +100XP!) before the end of the match.
Measuring to Fortune and Glory!
In the end, Ravingspire's Reavers got 4 of the 6 treasures (thanks to a sneaky Quinn ambush!), technically winning the match (which is the opposite of how I fared last game). Both wizards went down, as did my apprentice, but aside from Marcus the Mage getting some Psychological Scars (-1 Will), they all came out okay. Mike's Mercs lost a thug to the city, and another thug and Ranger will have to sit out of the next game due to injuries, but all in all both warbands came out ahead.

Ravingspire's Reavers
Grimoire of Shield
Hand Weapon +2
3 Potions (Potion of Healing, Elixir of Speed, Elixir of Invulnerability)

Mike's Mercenaries
3 Scrolls (I forget which)
Dagger +2

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