Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Vorpal Podcast Issue#1 - LOGAN

Hey hey hey! We've launched a new Podcast here at the Vorpal Chainsword Network. Its called the Vorpal Podcast and its all about discussing comic book and sci-fi movies and arguing about their place in the greater pantheon of important topics. Such as the ongoing argument of whether Marvel is better than DC (its not, but don't tell that to my co-hosts).

The first Issue of the Vorpal Podcast sees myself @VorpalC and my co-host @Suzapaloozah reviewing the New Old Wolverine movie - Logan.

Should you go see Logan?
Should you listen to the podcast afterward to see if we noticed the same stuff you did?
Should you consider the implications of the Logan storyline and its ramifications on the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe?
...Well, no, probably not. Its pretty standalone.


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