Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Final 48 Hours and smashing through Stretch Goals!

We’re down to the last 48 hours in the campaign, and closer than ever to unlocking even more Tower Adventures and the Engraved Dice! I’m really looking forward to getting these out to our backers before the end of the year. I know that there are some mega-huge monster-smashing boardgame kickstarters out there these days, and the fact that some folks took some time out to support us and our game is really, really great. I hope a year from now they’ll glance over at this rare super-dope embossed-leatherette wizard’s tome sitting on your bookshelf and think: “Man, that game is so weird and cool and unique... I need to play it again. Game night!”

I also know I haven't blogged nearly enough about other gaming since this Kickstarter began, so I'm also looking forward to having a normal gaming schedule again. Its hard to play games just for fun when you're tied up in your own kickstarter!

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