Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back to the Future RPG: OUTATIME!

Like Time Travel? Like Sci-Fi films from the 1980's? Like Time-Travel Sci-Fi films from the 1980's? Well then have I got the D&D adventure for you!

Back to the Future RPG: OUTATIME is a one-shot 5e D&D adventure that will be run at Gamehole Con 2015 on Friday, November 6th, 2015 from 10am-4pm (don't worry, its not really a solid 6 hour game. We'll take plenty of breaks for lunch and stuff). It features all our favorite Time-Travelers from the 1980's (and a few from the 1990's) banding together to save the time-stream from being destroyed for all eternity by the moronic Tannen family and their nefarious time-jumping allies.

Marty McFly will have to team up with the likes of Bill S. Preston (Esquire), a mysterious man known as "The Doctor," an overworked S-Mart Employee, and even a strange Robot from the Future in order to save Doc Brown and put things right that once went wrong! The game is rife with not only endless references to 1980's film and TV tropes, but is also D&D true-to-form with full-on tactical 5e D&D combat. The Terminator can't do it all himself, so Marty better stop cracking jokes and jump on that hoverboard to help out his new friends when the bullets start flying!

Check out the 5e Player Character Sheets for OUTATIME

On the Vorpal Chainsword site proper are the playable characters for the game, statted out in all their 5th edition glory. "Is this everyone that will appear or be playable in the game?" (You ask?) Absolutely not! These are just the ones I'm willing to reveal stats of beforehand, so as not to give out too many spoilers. Check them out and see which character you want to play if you decide to take on this temporal challenge at Gamehole Con 2015! 

Party on, Dudes!

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