Thursday, September 3, 2015

'Dark Heresy - Root out the Rot' at Gamehole Con!

Friend of the Chainsword and High Priest of the Legendary Brandonomicon, Brando, will be running a Dark Heresy game at Gamehole Con this year. Dark Heresy is set in the gothic darkness of the grim Warhammer 40K universe, so if you're into demon-hunting space Inquisitors with plasma pistols and flying robot babies as sidekicks, then you definitely won't want to miss it!

Here's a description of the game by the Brando himself:


Dark Heresy: Root Out The Rot (4 hrs) - Friday, November 6th (8am-Noon)

Role Playing Game  |DARK HERESY|

The Emperor Protects

Well, he protects the important people. You? Not so much. It’s your job to prove your worth in His eyes, not for him to give you things. You’re on a mega-hive-city on the Imperial planet of Malfi, when you’ve been commanded volunteered by a dreaded Inquisitor to report for duty. Well, it was actually a lowly clerk who was acting on his behalf. Anyway, you’ve gotta do what you’re told. It’s important. It says so right on the label.

That’s pretty much it. Somewhere in the hive there’s some heresy going on and you’re going to find it and destroy that which offends the Emperor. Oh, what’s that? You don’t know if your patron Inquisitor is part of the Ordos Xenos (alien hunters), Ordo Malleus (daemon hunters), or Ordos Hereticus (literally everything else)? Nobody cares. Do your job, or you’ll be turned into a servitor.
Doing a job well done means that you get the supreme satisfaction of knowing that your actions have pleased Him. And you get to live until your next mission. So you’ve got that going for you… which is nice.

If that sounds like your cup of recaff, then light up a lho-stick and sign up for Brando’s “Root Out The Rot” game at the upcoming GameHoleCon. Be there or be a Tzzench-loving, Tau-faced, Hrud sniffin’, son of a Unsanctioned Psycher.


Gamehole Con registration opens September 5th, so pull out your percentile dice, load up your Heavy Stubber, and get ready to purge some cultist scum. For the Emperor!
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