Tuesday, September 22, 2015

WIP Painting Time (-Travelers)!

So its that Season again. No, I'm not talking about Football season, I'm talking about Mini painting Season. Though you can totally combine them and paint minis while watching Football if you want. I know I do.

But more specifically its painting season because Gamehole Con 2015 is coming up, and this year I'm running a Back the Future RPG with a lot of special guest cameos. And while I've playtested this game without minis and it went fine, I believe every game is always more fun with representative minis. Especially when it means you get to paint up a Marty McFly.

So I just wanted to stop in to show off a quick work-in-progress of some favorite Time-Travelers I started on last night:

But there's still plenty more Chrono-warriors to go. So better get back to it.

Paint on!
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